The platforms that hold our audiences and content hostage. The labels that lock down our rights. The galleries that hold our art ransom. The big brands that think exposure is cash. They have a monopoly on ownership, a monopoly on creativity and they have been robbing us of the value we create for as long as there’s been a creative industry.

The deals were cut in advance and we got cut out.

The big brands, suits, and monopoly men own the revenue, the files, the rights, the email addresses — what’s left for the creator? What’s left for the fan?
We bring meaning, we bring value. We’re what people believe in. What’s Louis Vuitton without Virgil? UMG without Taylor Swift? NBA without LeBron? What’s Instagram without you? We bring the noise and it’s time to take it somewhere owned by all of us.
The current system is fucked, and we want out. We see the value we create and we want our piece of it, and not just a little bit.

We want to win together.

We want to build together.

We must collaborate to make this happen.

We need new infrastructure, something transparent, ownable, accessible, financially sustainable, where we can share the value we create, something for the community, something that’s ours. It’s not mine, it’s not yours, it’s definitely not theirs, it’s ours. This is Collective Creation. We have the tools, we have the moment, and we have the power. We can take on humanity’s greatest endeavours. We could build cities. We can create so much more.
Are you getting it?
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