number eight

This is an amulet, a short poem with a lucky SHA-256 hash, explained here: https://text.bargains/amulet/ This poem's hash contains the sequence 888888, which means its rarity is RARE. Here is a record of the carbon offset purchased in this poem's name: https://dashboard.cloverly.com/receipt/20210225-4c6a33595f139d49a8626d3d22f07967



0x273C...B4d9 set an asking price
0x6324...a8A1 placed an offer
March 08, 10:35 PM
0x6324...a8A1 removed their offer
March 08, 10:31 PM
0x6324...a8A1 placed an offer
February 25, 8:19 PM
0x273C...B4d9 had their offer accepted
February 25, 7:47 PM
0x273C...B4d9 placed an offer
February 25, 7:47 PM

NFT Details

Contract Address0xabEF...cac7
Token ID969
IPFS Metadata
Etherscan Transaction
Resale Royalty8%
Refresh Metadataover 1 year ago
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