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Over the Edge: A Little Animated Story

Over the Edge: A Little Animated Story

‘Over the Edge: A Little Animated Story’ is a 1 of 1 handmade piece to dive into the meaning of the song ‘Over the Edge’, the third song of Dontmesswithjuan’s debut album ‘Juan & the Pursuit of Happiness’, as well as the third level in fictional character Juan’s quest. Will he find happiness, or will he find something else?

  • All NFT buyers will be thanked and credited in the upcoming album.

  • Collect two little animated stories and get an exclusive acoustic guitar performance.

  • Collect all little animated stories and get insights about the next album’s story and help build it.

Here is how the proceeds are going to be used after covering the minting & gas fees:

  • 85% would go into the Dontmesswithjuan upcoming album. It would first serve to pay for the artworks and mastering services of the songs, so you would be very closely participating in the making of my upcoming album. Then, it would pay the performers for the videoclips of the upcoming album, who offered their services for free for the first album, for the love of art. Then, I would try to get my hands on an Amon Tobin NFT :) Then, it would go towards promotion & marketing purposes to share Dontmesswithjuan’s world.

  • 15% would go to the artist Abraham Merr who made the original cover arts illustrations for the first album, which I used to make this piece.

Music: ‘Over the Edge’ (Instrumental Version) by Dontmesswithjuan from debut album ‘Juan & the Pursuit of Happiness’ Illustrations: Abraham Merr Animation: Dontmesswithjuan Narration: Dontmesswithjuan Label: SONO Music Group



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