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The visual for Sideways has made me feel comfortable in my skin as a plus-sized woman. I rarely wear anything backless but it was important for me to be seen in all my societal flaws to give space to other plus-sized Black women who are constantly told to hide in the shadows. This visual gave me permission to be sexy on my own terms. Not based on the patriarchal or white gaze but standing in my truth. And truth is freedom and freedom IS art.

Sideways TiKA Genesis Piece Exclusive Director's Cut Off the album β€œAnywhere But Here”

Director/Artist: TiKA Director: NASKADEMINI Muse: Tina Mpondani Drummer: Diallo Bakel Cinematographer: Olly Evergreen Producer: Sarah Mackenzie Stylist/Creative Director: Sophie "Herflysoul" Merlin Makeup Artist: Sparks Assistant: Dezzedin Key Grip: Ayodele Mzilikazi Production Assistant: Serena McMahon Production Studio: Espace Gris


The collector will receive the following:

  • The exclusive Director's Cut Music Video
  • A mailed autographed Vinyl copy of the album
  • Tickets to TiKA's next 5 shows
  • A Rose Quartz Crystal blessed by TiKA to heal your heart chakra

With love,




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