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DRINK MY BLOOD is a conceptual art piece that reflects on the cruelties of the incarceration system and channels Pussy Riot's experience working in labor camps during the artists' two-year imprisonment.

DRINK MY BLOOD consists of 3 parts:

#1 Freedom papers issued to the artist upon her release after serving two years in prison, stained with the blood of the artist.

#2 Blood of the artist, bottled, shipped by the artist to the collector(s).

#3 Digitized freedom papers stained with the blood of the artist, minted on Ethereum blockchain: will be transferred to the collector(s)' wallet.

#1 will be kept by the artist due to the legal reasons: once convicted, according to the Russian law she needs to present her freedom certificate when traveling outside of Russia to confirm that the artist did properly serve her jail time.

Additionally, a digital representation of the artist’s blood vial will be issued as an NFT to every individual bidder on the auction.

It is the conceptual + spiritual successor to Pussy Riot's "Virgin Mary, Please Become A Feminist" 1/1. 
VIRGIN MARY utilized the artists' prison sentencing documents in its composition, DRINK MY BLOOD closes the chapter with its utilization of her prison release papers.

"DRINK MY BLOOD" is created under the influence of Joseph Koshut's "One and Three Chairs" (1965) and "Artist's Shit" by Piero Manzoni, 1961.



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