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White Deer

NFT "White Deer"

Project Website: https://white-deer.tricera.net/


Deer have long been held dear by believers of animism and Shinto as a messenger from the gods and the beast of the gods. The deer population in Japan has continued to grow recently, and deer that appear in human settlements from time to time are called lost deer. White Deer was produced based on data that was obtained by gathering lost deer (stuffed deer) that appear on the internet and taking 3D scans.


3D Data.obj

The original version of White Deer

Concept Movie.mp4 - High Resolution

CG images based on 3D data

Documentary.mp4 - Ultra HD

Video of Ogihama, Ishinomaki City, where White Deer (Oshika) is displayed as public art.

.obj is a 3D data format. To preview it, you need 3D software such as Blender.


Bidders for this NFT are deemed to have agreed to the following important matters upon placing a bid.

・All intellectual property rights (signifying copyrights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, design rights, and all other intellectual property rights, along with the right to obtain or apply to register these rights) for creations related to this NFT (including images and videos related to this NFT) belong to TRiCERA, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "company") or an individual who the company has entrusted with the sale. The granting of this NFT according to the Individual Contract does not signify the transfer of or approval to use the intellectual property rights for creations related to this NFT owned by the company or an individual who the company has entrusted with the sale.

・The bidder or an individual who received a transfer from the bidder shall not take actions that could infringe upon the intellectual property rights owned by the company or an individual who the company has entrusted with the sale for any reason.

・The granting of this NFT shall be interpreted according to the Law of Japan. Should the need for litigation arise in relation to these Terms, etc., either Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction by agreement for the first trial, depending on the amount in controversy.



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