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Rent Free

"'What’s a video that lives in your head rent free?' was never something I thought would become anything more than just another video on my page. After a conversation with my best friend about videos that live rent free, I just came up with the phrase and thought it might be funny to ask people on TikTok that question, especially with StitchTok becoming more popular. People started commenting what lived in their head rent free, but this quickly escalated to everyone stitching my video with their responses, literally everyone. At some point in the past year everyone has seen my face, and people are still stitching it today.

As a filmmaker, TikTok has been one of my favorite places to create, and this viral video has actually given me the chance to really start my career. It’s a platform that encourages creativity, collaboration, and allows the everyday person to share their ideas and interests with millions of people. All people want is to be a part of these trends, so creating a question that everyone can relate to, happened to allow them to be a part of my trend in their own way. Ironically, I've become the video that lives in everyone's head rent free." - Jess Marciante

"I am thrilled for Jess's video to be created as an NFT with TikTok’s Top Moments and am excited for the future opportunities NFTs will allow for personalities and creators building communities." - Gary Vaynerchuk



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original title#stitch with jessssthemess in my 🧠
animation url_mime_typevideo/mp4
musicoriginal sound - Gary Vaynerchuk
date posted09-30-2021
terms of_usehttps://tiktok-metadata.immutable.com/0xe8e1b3125372e4912773357691aeb7c305584751/purchaserterms.pdf

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Contract Address0xe8e1...4751
Token ID153
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