I Love It (FT Jason Aalon Butler)
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I Love It (FT Jason Aalon Butler)

The owner of this NFT will receive:

  • The master .wav file of the song

  • The master.jpeg of the EP cover art

  • The mixed stems for the master project

  • 1 All Access Pass + 1 to any BSD show annually airdropped (not including festivals)

  • 1/1 Custom leather jacket with colors and symbols of your choosing

  • A special thanks for being the owner of a BOYS DO CRY NFT, 1000 Dropout ($DRPT) Token airdrop

  • Access to a token gated portal of unreleased demos and an Alpha Channel in our Discord.

  • 25% of this NFT’s proceeds will be allocated to our community treasury that will eventually provide liquidity for our $DRPT Token and other community endeavors.

  • 25% of proceeds will be donated to Jason Aalon Butler’s non-profit, Walking In My Shoes foundation

  • 10% of all secondary NFT sale royalties will be allocated to the community treasury.



0x5B93...62c5 won the auction
0x5B93...62c5 placed a bid
February 08, 10:25 AM
0x5519...019A minted this NFT
February 07, 7:16 AM

NFT Details

Minted via💽  Catalog
Contract Address0xabEF...cac7
Token ID7880
IPFS Metadata
Etherscan Transaction
Refresh Metadataabout 1 year ago
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