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RED FLAGS // a motion picture by Jordan Bayne

RED FLAGS is a harrowing expose that focuses on the silent epidemic of intimate partner violence. Emotionally and visually compelling, this is more than an NFT, this is more than a groundbreaking cinematic motion picture, this a call to action. Domestic Violence remains untethered partially because of the shame often associated with it. By tackling this social issue we can in some way shed light on it, in some way create a shift in our silence around it, sparking informed, critical and probing dialogue about the issue, empowering and giving voice to those who find themselves embroiled in it.

RED FLAGS is at the forefront of important cultural dialogue and raises the bar being part of the historical canon of NFT film on the blockchain.

ABOUT JORDAN BAYNE // An award-winning filmmaker Bayne's last film, the critically acclaimed THE SEA IS ALL I KNOW starring Academy Award Winner Melissa Leo and Peter Gerety, was an Oscar contender, a Vimeo Staff Pick and recipient of multiple international awards.

Bayne has an unbridled passion for making films that explore the virtues and weaknesses of human existence. She has worked with A-list talent, Martin Sheen, Melissa Leo, James Gandolfini, Cecilia Freire and Adrian Lastra. An award-winning creative she is a multi-hyphenate, writing, directing, acting, producing music videos, short films, feature films and television.

RED FLAGS Director: Jordan Bayne Starring: Isi LaBorde and Gabriel Furman Story by: Jordan Bayne Composer: Aliah Sheffield Producer: Jordan Bayne Executive Producer: Margaret Corvid Cinematographer: Jared Roybal Editor: Jordan Bayne Production Designer: Keriann Correia Colorist: Jordan Bayne Production Company: Shooting Angels



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