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1 of 1 Digital painting Unique panoramic view of a digitally hand carved metamorphic architectural space. We called this unique painting Cassini, inspired by a legendary space mission and spacecraft. A joint mission of NASA, ESA (European Space Agency) and ASI (Italian Space Agency), Cassini was a sophisticated robotic spacecraft sent to study Saturn and its complex system of rings and moons. Much like the Vertical Crypto explores the metaverse and the new space, Cassini mission made the key discoveries and expanded human understanding of the kinds of worlds where life might exist and had the most distant landing in solar system in space exploration history. We created a vertical architectural landscape to celebrate a Vertical Crypto mission in the metaverse. Coming from years of architectural research in depth, our work invites you to take on the journey and expand your vision of architectural space. Gentle lines hide among intense meshes, flowing freely they create a fabric of space or maybe a landscape of a distant meteorite from outer space? This digital painting enables your imagination to travel outside of human perception or maybe even outside of this world. Each digital painting is a carefully crafted abstract architectural interface, that explores spatial qualities of landscape, surface and texture. Every piece of our work comes from a process that involves hand sculpting in different mediums, starting from physical sculpting and into a 3D digital hand sculpting technique. (Not generated) High Resolution Ready for print 14400 x 10710 px 762 ppi



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