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Surf Noir v1

"Catching Waves"

Catching Waves - March 28th 2022
1080p Music Visualizer (MP4 File)

"Catching Waves" is the first piece from my collection, Surf Noir Vol. 1: Future Surf, Love Sounds.

The song represents the current of change and the momentary calm that ensues between waves. When I wrote this song, I was accepting the swell that would come and was confident that I could make it to the other side without sinking.

The collector of this NFT will receive the following:

  • 1 hr Zoom call
  • Audio of "Catching Waves" in lossless format + mp3
  • Acapella & Instrumental of "Catching Waves"
  • Full length music visualizer in 1080p
  • Static graphic cover art
  • "Tide Walker" role in private discord
  • Boarding Pass NFT (airdropped prior to metaverse launch)
  • 1st Edition Surf Noir Passport NFT (airdropped after collecting)
  • Surf Noir Vo1. 1 & 2 Vinyl (release date Q4 2022)


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March 27, 6:04 AM


ArtistCam Murdoch
Title"Catching Waves"
VersionMusic Visualizer

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